Saturday, January 15, 2011

i got stress !

bnyk nye assignment ! ble na rehat nie.hukhuk :(
tension gler. ohh PAD why so difficult ? dah laa lecture garang tahap gaban.
daa mcm zaman skola daa.for those who can't answer her question, mmg kne halau. ' GET OUT FROM MY CLASS ! ' sumpah seram sejuk malu lg.haih. PAD ? its all about politic. DAMN ! tak suke. oke lahh tak bole na post panjang2 assingment keep calling me. huhh ! see yaa.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm dying..

ehh budak ! can you please stop all the freaking lies and your freaking sweet words, Stop saying you love me because i know u don't, Stop giving me hopes and stop messing around. This is not something to be toyed around and nobody is willing to be fooled by you. stop it, this time I mean it. I am tired of you. Tired of everything. pleasee..

Friday, January 7, 2011

i miss u ;)

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mak abah sumpah rinduu ! sedih nye :( i've nobody here. i really wanna share everything like we used to mum. ta besh duk snie. nak balikkkkkkkkkk ! mak abah i love u more than ever. muahmuahh !
oke tau mak abah takkan bace.  -__-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

senyum tak perlu kata apa2. haha. poyo ^^

i hate when someone call me 'sombong' ! seriously i don know how to pretend to be friendly tgur org sne snie tp for sure i'll try to smile with everyone. tp tgk org laa jgk kan kalu dah muka masam cm tempoyak busuk na suh sy senyum mmg tak laa wehh. so,ta pyah gatal2 mulut na ckap sy sombong. can't be denied yg mostly people would said that 'sombong laa minah nie' kt sy especially for their first impression. mybe air muka sy kot yg cam kerek sikit.HAHA. dah tu nak buat cm mne. dah muka sy mmg cm tu. tp sumpahh, sy tak mcm tu. sy lg laa suke kalu ramai kawan and boys kalu takna sy sombong dgn awk semua jgn laa buat perangai yg annoying tu.aduhh ! korg daa besa kan. RENUNG RENUNGKAN :D oraitee fine after this i'll always smile like this.huu.

haha ! seyuman yg menawan !