Friday, November 26, 2010

haishh maluuu !

awk awk..
sy suka awk tahu !
haish.its shameful when i admitted that i like you.
omg ! what i've done ? gila lahh kau cykin.
for the first time i've been gentle women.wahh ! awesome. haha.
tp sumpahh terasa mcm pmpuan gedik.eeuuwh.
efa laa nie ta abes2 suruh sy gentle.
hah ! hambek daa pun termengaku.
awk pun stu kan sebok sangat na tau sape yg sy suke.
kan daa kantoi.
maluuuuuuuuuu ! mcm noob jea.
luckly,u are quite different with some other guys.
respon awk pun not bad laa.haha.silly me.
oraitee,see ya :)

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