Saturday, November 27, 2010

my lovely blog !

boringgg !
emm,thanks blog for being a platform for me to express what i really feel.
nothing much to story in my life especially now, semester break.
just wanna say that everything is boringgg !
nothing else to do.
sleep,eat,watch tv,fb...and now i have you mr blog. huhu.
yay ! good news for my future husband.
you you.. i daa belajar masak tau.
nnt daa kawin senang laa kan.
i bole masak untuk u. *wink
oke, dah abes berangan.
here i have cute pic to share. like it so damn much !

takde motif pun letak pic comel kan kan kan ?
i wish that i have cute babies like this. ( sifat keibuan ku teserlah ) huhu.
oraitee.gtg. bubyee.

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