Sunday, November 28, 2010

youyouyou :)

heyy you you you !
yes you..
yupp,awk lahh.
sometimes i asks myself why i like you..
awk dah manderam sy ke ap hah ? 
oke lahh,it can't be denied that u have everything that i wanted.
you know what ? one day i caught myself smiling for no reasons.
then, i realized that i'm thinking of you.urgh.sengal !
you are the most super duper cool man.
i like the way you act.gentle gila kot.
i love the way you call my name 'ekinnnn ' haishh.
it was good enough to melt my heart  ~melting ~
awk mnjaa suke.sgt comel tahu !
you always make me smile..
laughing for no reasons ..huhu.
stupid argument,long talks..
making fun at each other..
it was so cool !

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