Monday, December 27, 2010

arifah :)

mcm ella muka efa =D huhu.
woot woot ! this is effa or better known as miss mj,mummy mj,effa jackson everything is all about michael jackson.she's one of the mj's fan, efa got many talents she can singging , dancing , sewing very weel.she's my roomate and also my that,she's always be by myside in every single no wonder laa she knows everything bout me.there's no secret between us.huhu ( jgn bocor rhsia efa ) teribly missing u effa.miss that moment that we had spend together.main makeup2,create miming video ala2 momopalaboy,snap pic bnyak2,berangan sblum tdo,share problem masing2.haihh thanks for being there when i need u.even kte knal tak lame but there's a lot of unforgetable memories that we have been through.rnduu laa dgn lawak efa tu ! rndu na gelak2 cm dlu.ta kesa ap org na ckp tp ekin rse kte tetap roomate yg cool.haha.goodluck yew efa kt sne nnt.belajar bgun sndiri tau.ekin tade daa na kejut efa nnt.cewh tersedih pulak. hukhuk ! ;( lepas nie jgn2 malas2 daa k.ketuk perut nnt.haha.ilysm :)

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