Thursday, December 23, 2010

errr !

hate u lahh gila !
idk why sometimes i feel like i hate u fucking damn much ! u're such a annoying guy.euwhh !
yeah i know that i'm NOTHING but please respect me ! oke ? mybe that's the way u are but sorry seriously i can't take it as a jokes.its hurting me 'wan aok' 'kusut' 'berok kuat' koy aok' 'gler ' WHAT THE ? ta bole ckp elok2? i didn't ask u to talk nicely politely or whatsoever but please don be rude.i got feeling act.i know that i'm just ur EX GFand now u have such a hottest new gf.urghhh ! seriously u make hate u and its remind me of what u have done to ! it was totally disaster when u dump me.haihh mybe i shouldn't being sensitive and just accept the fact that we're just FREND.oraiteee ! see u laa next sem.eehh !

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