Saturday, December 25, 2010

you :)

heyy dude ! idk why even we are just such a good friend i do scared of losing u. i hope there's nothing will separate our friendship. u meant everything to me. please i don wanna lose u. thanks dear for teach me how to smile even in hard time. yeah ! mybe i should being prepare of losing u. kte kan jauh. kat sne nnt msti lahh awk akan searching for a new gf right ? focusing study knon. haha. bole ke cik abg oi ! haha. whatever is it u are the first one on my list. omg ! am i'm going insane ? haha. mampu pulak na post jiwang cm nie.ehemm ehemm amboih daa pndai ek skrg..* BLUSHING*  hehe maluuu lahh. :D

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