Monday, December 27, 2010

nurmimi aidilfitriah :)

oraitee this is nurmimi aidilfitriah. nice name right ? mcm org putih kan minah nie. hee. act she's pure malay and she's kelantanese girl but stayed here jerantut pahang. cantekk kan mek kelantan nie ? the most beautiful in our class. but boys stop dreaming yeah. mimi sy nie dah berpunye abe rahim namo nyo.ehh mimi ! i know u wouldn't read this but i just want to say that i miss u laa mekk ! there's a lot of memories between us beginning the orientasi until the end of our pre commerce.ohh asam ! kte mmg bole gila kalu nmpak asam. many things that we have been through together kan mimi. sedih,hepi,marah,bengang,stress,tnsion.haishh ! we'll share everything. heyy u ! yess u rahim.please take a good care of mimi.i wont see her teers.if something bad happen to her i'll find u ! oke ? mimi wake up girl ! ur journey isn't finish yet.wake up for ur own life.don give up.i'll always be by urside.chaiyokk ! goodluck.ilysm.

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